Wasting The Hate

Saturday February 26, 2005

Hey sports fans; this is yours truly Sebastian Maldonado, the creator of the cult hit “today’s sports update”.  I’ve been wondering why the Red Sox have been talking trash & why A-Rod is the hero for once.

1) It seems that the Sox have been getting on A-Rod’s case as if someone declared war.  Here’s the problem: the people that are talking a lot of mess shouldn’t be.  Trot Nixon did not do anything for the Sox; why’s he making fun of A-Rod?  Why is anyone in the organization not stopping the trash talk?  Trot Nixon is so bad, he’s worse than every player in the Milwaukee Brewers.  What’s the plan: get front-runners to turn away from you?  That’s what going to happen this season.  Everything that the Sox do from spring training to the playoffs will backfire on them.  Note: every team in the past 4 years has not repeated.  If 2004 was when the curse of the Bambino ended, then let the curse of the Sox begin.

2) Since when do the fans take the side of A-Rod?  This is brilliance if the Yankees do not talk anything and save it for the season.  Red Sox fans think that the reason for getting on A-Rod is because he’s a punk.  Here’s the REAL reason: the Sox are afraid of the Yankees.  An old pitcher for an old pitcher (Randy and Wells), two unproven National League pitchers (Pavano and Clemente), any similarities?  An All-Star shortstop to try and match the Yankee captain?  Is that pressure I smell?  Why have all the brawls in the past two years start with a Red Sox implying a fight and why are they always at Fenway?  ‘Cause they’re still scared of the ghosts of Yankee Stadium.  C’mon, it’s a COINCIDENCE that the brawls are at Fenway?  The last brawl in Yankee Stadium took place in the late 1970s.  How come the Sox don’t make fun of Giambi?  Sheffield? Matsui? Jeter? Torre?  Why did Varitek attack A-Rod with the catcher’s mask on?  It’s a shame that the so-called “World Series Champions” still don’t have the fortitude or class that a championship team should have.  Now that people are rooting for A-Rod, it seems that glory will be restored in the House that Ruth Built!!!

Well, hope you guys enjoyed my take on arguably the greatest rivalry in all of sports.  If you have any thoughts to share, reply back; enjoy the 2005 baseball season, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007

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