Victory: The Price of Glory

Saturday February 5, 2005

The story of victory is not always great, but its reward is being remembered in history for what you accomplish.  Nearly 20 hours away from the biggest event of all sports, 2 teams worked to the extreme to get to this moment.  Many people don’t like these teams due to intense rivalries or that they win too much.  The Super Bowl is the top accomplishment in the NFL.  That’s why every single person wants to take part in it.  It’s why a certain “showboat” wearing #81 wants to play despite the risk of his career ending.  Why is this Super Bowl so important this year?  Is it the commercials?  Is it the comments of Freddie Mitchell?  Is it the stories that appeal to us?  Is it the halftime show that draws us to it? No, what appeals to us is this great game of football.  The respect that these players have for this sport is so powerful, that the football field is their sacred ground.  2 teams will take part in what could be the most emotional Super Bowl in a long, long time.  For many, the dream will be accomplished, and that Vince Lombardi trophy is theirs for the taking.  For others, it’s back to the drawing board.  Yet, in one man’s case, the dream could end.

Good luck to both teams and let everyone have a pleasant tomorrow.


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007

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