Sunday July 25, 2009

Welcome back, sports fans! I’m Sebastian Maldonado bringing you all of the latest news in sports.  This week’s headlines include another sad end, more records broken, and tales of the “comeback” trail.

The Blue Jays have set a flexible deadline for dealing Roy Halladay. They want to trade the former AL CY Young winner by July 28. However, they recently said they can wait until the deadline. New top suitors are the Phillies (still), the Rays, and the Dodgers. The Phillies are in “intense” negotiations for Halladay. The Jays have made it clear they want “major-league ready” prospects, which all teams have. It’s a question of whether they want to part or not. In other trade news, the Cardinals got protection for Albert Pujols in the form of Matt Holliday. The Cardinals instantly got better offensively.

In the potential playoff scenario, the Yanks are in 1st in the AL East. This means the Red Sox are in the fight for the AL Wild Card with the Rangers and Rays (in that order). The NL Wild Card shows the resurging Rockies with a 3½ game lead over the Giants. Every division race leader has at least a 5 game lead over their opponents. This playoff scenario is difficult to predict. The level of competition is a dream for any baseball fan.

Lamar Odom might still become a Laker. The defending NBA champions have resumed talks with the forward. Odom wants a 5-year deal with the Lakers, but Dwyane Wade wants him back (as stated last week). The Lakers withdrew their 3-year deal proposal and will start negotiations from scratch. In other signings, the Spurs add depth to the center position in Theo Ratliff. In global news, Ricky Rubio has parted ways with Spain. It is unlikely he will be dealt and will play for Minnesota.

Plus, the USA basketball team has Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) coming back. Will other players follow suit? Krzyzewski coached the Men’s USA basketball team to a dominating gold medal run in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. No one knows at this time who will return to play for the US in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Brett Favre could actually stay retired. The future Hall-of-Fame QB considered playing for the Vikings but is contemplating staying on the sidelines. No decision has been made yet, but the Vikings expect Favre to make it sooner than later. Michael Vick met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this past Wednesday. No details have been released thus far. The latest rumor is Vick could be suspended for the first 4-6 games of the upcoming regular season.

MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko was supposed to take on Josh Barnett for the Affliction promotion on Aug. 1 from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. It was for their heavyweight title. Barnett tested positive for an anabolic steroid. The test found the metabolite 2a-methyl-5a-androstan-3a-ol-17-one, which is contained in the anabolic steroid Drostanolone, also known as Masteron. The steroid is normally used by athletes who are attempting to maintain strength while cutting weight, which makes it a strange choice for someone competing in the heavyweight division. Affliction cancelled the fight and will be rescheduled sometime this year.

Time for the issues to be heard in: The Athlete’s Court!

  1. A 31-year-old Nevada woman has filed a civil lawsuit alleging Steelers QB and two-time Super Bowl winner Ben Roethlisberger raped her in a hotel penthouse last year. Roethlisberger says allegations by a Lake Tahoe casino hostess that he raped her a year ago are “reckless and false.” He read a statement Thursday at the Steelers practice complex in Pittsburgh. Roethlisberger did not respond to questions, saying he would let the legal process run its course.
  2. A Philadelphia man who says he was shot by NFL receiver Marvin Harrison last year remains in critical condition after being shot again. The accuser, Dwight Dixon, is in critical condition. Police have not made any arrests so far.

Time for the magic man to take over!

Pure Magic:

Last Thursday, Mark Buehrle made history again. The White Sox pitcher threw the 18th perfect game in MLB history against the Tampa Bay Rays. He also threw the second no-hitter in his career. Buehrle’s bid for history was saved by OF Dewayne Wise, who robbed Rays OF Gabe Kapler of a potential lead-off home run in the top of the 9th. Buehrle threw the first perfect game in 5 years (Randy Johnson, 2004). Buehrle has had a quiet, successful season. He does not have the best stuff. His fastball only reached 89 MPH. Buehrle brought HIS best stuff in a very crucial game against a potential playoff team. The White Sox need to ride this momentum for a run at the AL Central Division.

Buehrle joins a prestigious list of pitchers to throw a perfect game. Among those in recent memory are Johnson, David Wells (1998), and David Cone (1999). He is also a gentleman’s gentlemen, a quiet warrior who did not change his style but only modified it when needed. Buehrle has etched his name into sports immortality, and it could have not happened to a nicer person.

Congratulations To:

  1. Rich Franklin has signed a six-fight deal with the UFC, and he hinted it could be his last set of fights. The former middleweight champion will fight Dan Henderson at September’s UFC 103 in a rematch of middleweight greats.
  2. Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson get inducted into the Hall of Fame today. Rice waited for a long time, while Henderson was inducted without question.
  3. Shaquille O’Neal will be on free TV. The NBA center will be on USA’s WWE Monday Night Raw live at 9PM eastern (check local listings). Shaq will be the “host” and will run the show on that day. This is a dream come true for Shaq as he always has been a WWE fan.

Final Thoughts:

Last Tuesday was a scandal no one saw coming. ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has been the latest of women in the public eye caught with a cell phone camera. Andrews was caught changing in a hotel naked. The photos were released all over the internet and were put on the cover of the New York Post. A computer virus was posted with the link to trick users into clicking on the link. Andrews wants the person/people found as soon as possible. The Post was banned by ESPN as soon as they published the photos.

This is disgusting and outrageous. Privacy is what everyone should respect. It’s obvious that the anonymous “cameraman” did not respect hers. The New York Post should have done the same but made matters worse. My concern is for the safety of potential journalists. Is this the way we will be treated? What happened to Andrews is an incident that never should have occurred. I believe everyone is rooting for Andrews so she could give her “trespasser” exactly what he or she deserves.

Well, that’s it for today. If you disagree with anything I say, feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing your opinions and criticism. Until then, that’s it you KNUCKLEHEADS!!!

Yours truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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