Sunday September 11, 2005


Hey sports fans; welcome back to this special edition of today’s sports update.  I’m your host Sebastian Maldonado with the latest news in sports.  It’s time for the question that’s in most people’s minds: Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the 2005 football season.  New England and Oakland started the season in a game filled with flags.  Patriots won 30-20, and today are filled with surprises.  Miami wins for new coach Nick Saban against Denver 34-10 (congratulations), Jets lose badly to Kansas City 27-7, and the Jaguars beat Seattle 26-14.  The Giants beat the Cardinals 42-19.  The New Orleans Saints for won their season opener against the Panthers 23-20. It was a must-win situation for the Saints after the damage done to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.  It’s very likely that the Saints will play in Houston for their home games.  Houston is where the Saints have been practicing since the hurricane hit.  The game of the week is on Monday Night: a rematch of the NFC Championship game.  Who will win?

Baseball had an old-fashioned pitching duel within the biggest feud in major league baseball history:

YANKEES vs. RED SOX! It was a career day for Tim Wakefield as he struck out 12, but he gave up a Jason Giambi solo HR as the Yankees win 1-0.  Randy Johnson threw the old school heat (99 MPH) against the Red Sox.  The Yanks are 3 games behind the Sox in the AL East Division. The NL MVP will not be Barry Bonds, but who will it be: Andruw Jones, Albert Pujols, or Derrek Lee?  Who’s your pick?  Who’s the AL MVP?  From A-Rod to Manny, it’s going to be a close one.

As I said earlier, the damage Hurricane Katrina did was shocking and horrifying.  Let’s say our prayers for those who lost their houses and/or loved ones.  Until then, see you guys soon, and have a great week.  Keep the replies and thoughts coming, and I also want to hear your thoughts on Hurricane Katrina.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado

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