Monday September 26, 2005

Hey sports fans; welcome to today’s sports update.  Sorry about the delay, but you know how busy college is.  Football has picked up steam with Week 3’s most anticipated games and a few show-stealers:

Giants vs. Chargers 45-23

Steelers vs. Patriots 23-20

Eli Manning has a career performance with yards, but the Chargers and LaDanian Tomlinson could not be contained.  As for Pats fans, ask yourself this question: if it took your team to beat the Steelers with a field goal with 0:01 seconds remaining in the game without Duce Staley (knee) and Jerome Bettis (calf), is it time to say “do I feel lucky”?  Plus, more shocking news; Miami beats Carolina by a field goal, and the Jaguars barely escape the Meadowlands from the Jets 26-20 in Overtime.  Congrats to the 49ers for choking against the Cowboys as Tuna and company come from behind to win by the score of 34-31.  Eagles kicker David Akers gets my respect after this week; after hurting his hamstring, Akers came to the field with time running out as he hit the game-winning field goal.

The wild card and the AL East just got interesting.  Here are the standings from

Cleveland: 92 wins, 64 losses

Boston & NY Yankees: 91 wins, 64 losses*

(* means AL division leaders)

It’s a damn shame because all three teams are playing the best they could, but only two will earn their opportunity.  The NL wild card race has been narrowed down to two: the Phillies are now a game behind the Astros after today.  So, who are your wild card teams?  I advise you to think about this question before you write down your answer.

Before I go, the Yankee fans saw the last Yankees home game; nothing special right, but it is for them.  Beloved Yankee centerfielder Bernie Williams got a well-deserved standing ovation after the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 8-4.  If anyone has any comments about Mr. Williams, then maybe I’ll release them for the whole audience to hear.  Anyway, you know what to do; please reply & I’ll mull it over.  See you guys next time you KNUCKLEHEADS.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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