Friday November 4, 2005

Welcome back to today’s sports update; I’m your host Sebastian Maldonado with today’s hot topics of the big three.  Surprisingly, let’s start with baseball.

It was reported that the Mets are close to signing closer Billy Wagner from the Phillies, and Theo Epstein rejected both Red Sox and Dodgers offer to become GM in this week.  The free agent market is not like last year’s thrilling event.  Not much stars are there, but trades will make the off-season exciting.  This just in…a deal is in the works between the Red Sox, Angels, & Diamondbacks involving Manny Ramirez.  Stay tuned to ESPN for more information.

Tuesday, A-Rod was warned not to go gambling at a place that does illegal gambling.  Many people are very upset so it’s time for me to break the ice.  A man that gambles illegally is someone like Pete Rose or someone that cheats during poker.  A place that illegally gambles is a place that does not give you all of the money you won.  A-Rod did not gamble illegally, but he went to a bad place.  In other Yankee news, a legend is the new pitching coach: Ron Guidry, the Gator, is the new pitching coach for the Yankees.  Let’s see what he could do.  Plus, former Yankee Bucky Dent is the new bench coach for the Cincinnati Reds.

Guess who’s back???  Arguably the greatest coach in basketball history (don’t deny it) Phil Jackson is officially back with the Lakers.  The Lakers are 1-1, and so is the Heat.  Shaq is on the injured list for 2-4 weeks, but is that a good thing for the Heat?  Think about it.  The team needs to gel as the season goes along, and with the depth they have, is it a blessing in disguise?  Plus, I would like to say that I am in favor of the new dress code.  Why?  It’s simple; I’m glad that the NBA is trying to restore class to the game of basketball.  However, I’ll miss the constant throwbacks by Allen Iverson (my favorite was the Iceman George Gervin).  What do you think of the dress code?

Monday Night’s game is between the Colts and the Patriots. The Colts are undefeated, but the Pats have had their number for a long time.  Will the streak end or is it deja vu all over again?  Plus, T.O. bad mouths the Eagles again??? What is up with that team?  Everyone thought that it was over, but it seems that T.O. can’t keep his mouth shut.  For more info, check out ESPN Sportscenter for local listings.

In the NFC East, the New York Giants are in first place but lost their owner Wellington Mara.  He has owned the team with his brother since he was a teenager (no joke).  This man was the last owner for the start of the NFL.  His legacy will never die because of the impact the Giants made throughout their existence.  What a story it would be if the Giants won the Super Bowl, dedicating their season to a man that helped make this franchise!!!  We’ll miss you Mr. Mara.

Well, that’s it for today.  Keep the replies coming & your opinions keep the show rolling.  See you later you KNUCKLEHEADS!!!

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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