Friday February 25, 2005

Welcome everybody to today’s sports update; I’m Sebastian Maldonado with the hottest news in sports.  Let’s talk about Barry Bonds.

Bonds ripped the media for covering the steroid scandal and said the fans have been supportive for him.  The fans in Tampa have also been supportive of Jason Giambi.  How will the “Giambino” perform this year? Plus, a reunion of two Dodger greats: Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza.  The current New York Mets played catch, and Pedro’s fastball has “never looked better”.  Willie Randolph has adapted the “only mustaches” rule.  Piazza decided to just go with the “baby face” look.  Randolph is also wired to be the new manager for the Mets; he even woke up every hour as if it was Christmas.  In a revamped tough division, the Mets should be in the hunt, but will they be?

Randy Moss got TRADED, but not to the Jets. The Raiders gave up a linebacker, a wide receiver, and a draft pick.  Not really a good trade in my opinion; how does that help the Vikings get better?  Plus, another reunion in Dallas: Bledsoe and Parcells.  What is the fate of quarterbacks Drew Henson and Vinny Testaverde?  In other news, Maurice Clarett is trying to get into the NFL Draft. Will Clarett be selected in this year’s NFL Draft at all?

The NBA All-Star game was a success; the whole weekend was a success!  Hawks F Josh Smith, Nuggets F Kenyon Martin, and Suns teammates Amare Stoudamire, and Steve Nash have revived the Slam Dunk Competition.  Also props to the East for beating the West (guess Shaq DOES make a difference in the East).  The All-Star MVP is (drum-role please) everyone’s favorite player: Allen Iverson.  The “Answer” deserved to be in the game and deserved the reward for leadership, and with Chris Webber on the 76ers, Philly is just a bit more dangerous. Congratulations to all that appeared in the All-Star game.  Finally, a reunion in Boston: Walker and Pierce.  The once deadly duo reunited yesterday as the Celtics traded Payton and two other players for the forward.

Well that’s it for the update, but be on the lookout for an incoming sports special.  It’s called Wasting The Hate (why Boston lost their pride and their “ahem” gonads). Anyway, reply back, and see you later you knuckleheads.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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