Today’s Sports Update

Wednesday November 3, 2004


Evening sports fans; this is Sebastian Maldonado with today’s patriotic sports update.  In the NBA, some shockers & not so surprising news has happened 2 days into the NBA season.

Shaq and the Heat scorched the Nets 100-77, and it was an impressive debut for Diesel scoring 16 points.  Dwyane Wade led the team with 21 points.  Yet, it was also a good night for the comeback kids:
Alonzo Mourning and Grant Hill: Both men successfully did not get injured, for now.  Despite the loss, Zo got a standing ovation from the Jersey faithful and did reasonably well.  He scored 7 points and had 5 rebounds in 13 minutes off the bench.  Grant Hill scored 20 points in Orlando’s nail biting victory against the Bucks 93-92.  Dwight Howard also had an impressive debut getting 10 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 12 points.  Not bad for the former high-schooler.  The Lakers also debuted nicely yesterday ass they beat the Nuggets 89-78.  Chris Mihm scores a career-high 23 points and 12 rebounds.  So far, the NBA does not disappoint me.  We know the favorites to win the Finals (T-Wolves, Heat, Pistons, etc…), but who is your sleeper pick to win the Finals?  Think about this one before you truly answer it.

In the NFL, the Steelers hosted the Pats to a BEATDOWN only to face another undefeated team:

Will the Roethlisburger streak continue or will the Eagles’ McNabb and T.O. stay undefeated?  Plus, will Randy Moss make it to Monday’s showdown against the Colts?  If not, how can Minny pull off the win?  Finally, who is your candidate for the NFL MVP (notice the patriotic music in the background)?

In MLB, we all know that Mel Stottlemyre won’t be back as the Yankees’ pitching coach (the first of many to get the boot).  Now, I’ve heard the rumors that NOMAR might be going to the Yankees.  Here’s my opinion: it’s not good for Nomar.  Why?  For starters, you have to adapt to second base.  Plus, Sammy Sosa might leave Chicago.  The best thing for Nomar to do is to stay at Chicago and start a party of his own.  Besides, another Red Sox coming to wear pinstripes is sickening; I can’t picture it.  I want Soriano, a man that started in pinstripes, not a man that started in Beantown.

Well, that’s it for Today’s Sports Update.  Keep the emails going. Good night.


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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