Today’s Sports Update

Sunday October 31, 2004

Welcome sports fans to this eerie, spooky Halloween edition of sports; this is yours truly Sebastian Maldonado with today’s sports update.  The moment we’ve all been waiting for has happened.  The New England Patriots have lost for the first time in a long time to this team:

The Pittsburg Steelers beat the Patriots by a score of 34-20.  I told you they can do it; they talked trash and backed it up.  A man that also backed up his end was T.O., going for 1 touchdown in Philly’s 15-10 victory over Baltimore.  He then did the “Ray Lewis” dance for a TD celebration.  I got four wrong which includes Minnesota, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Detroit.

On the current Yankees roster, here is my list of who should stay and who should go:

Stay                                            Go

Mo Rivera                          Kevin Brown

Bernie                                Kenny Lofton

Jeter                                   Felix Heredia

Mussina                             Javier Vázquez

A-Rod                               Esteban Loaiza

Sheffield                            Tony Clark

Matsui                              Jorge Posada

Olerud                              Ruben Sierra

Gordon                            Travis Lee

Lieber                              Paul Quantrill

Here is who I would like to see in pinstripes: P Barry Zito, CF Carlos Beltran, and 2B/OF Alfonso Soriano

These are just a few that I would like to see as a Yankee.  Got any better? E-mail me back.  Plus, the Mets are interested in both Sammy Sosa and Manny Ramirez.  The Cards are just the latest team in the hunt for Randy Johnson.

NBA opens November 2.  Which NBA team will you root for or the team you think will win it all?  How many people hate Kobe Bryant?  Due to the new alignment of the Atlantic Division (Nets, Knicks, 76ers, Celtics, and Raptors), can the Knicks take the Atlantic or even make the playoffs? Go NY go NY go!  Man, I miss that chant!

Reply back guys, because I just love feedback.  See you guys soon and be well; Happy Halloween!


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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