Today’s Sports Update

Thursday October 28, 2004

Hey sports fans; this is Sebastian Maldonado with today’s sports update.  Last night, history was made and it burned a hole through the “ghosts” of Yankee Legends.

The Red Sox got their brooms out again to sweep the Cardinals.  The score last night was 3-0, and the inconsistent Cards folded under pressure.  Now it is we that must face reality as the curse is over, or is it?  Here’s a fun fact; every team in the past 3 years that has won the series beat the Yankees (Diamondbacks, Angels, and Marlins).  Yet, those teams did not make it to the playoffs the year after that.  Is this a trend I see?  Will the Red Sox become a part of this curse?  Hmmmm….  Here’s a list of rumors so far of who the Yankees are going after:

Pedro Martinez (doubtful)

Randy Johnson (doubtful)

Carlos Beltran (highly possible)

Alfonso Soriano (possible)

This list will be updated every time the sports update is in business.

“Are you ready for some football?  We got a Week 8 party; we got the Pats VS. Steelers, Ravens VS. Philly, and the Dolphins VS. Jets on Monday night.  3 games of the week: now that’s out of sight!”  Here are my picks: Pitt, Philly, Jets, Buffalo, Minny, Tennessee, G.B., Jaguars, S.F., S.D., Seattle, K.C., Dallas, and Atlanta for an upset.

In basketball, many people might not remember what happened at the NBA Draft.

Dwight Howard became the #1 draft pick by the Orlando Magic, when in my opinion it should have been this man:

Emeka Okafor took his team to the NCAA Championship.  Dwight Howard is merely a high school kid.  Okafor went to the Bobcats, the expansion team that starts this season.  Howard was picked first due to the fact of Okafor’s back injuries.  Do you think Orlando made the right choice?  Or did the Bobcats luck out?  The NBA season opens November 2 on TNT, as the Rockets face the Pistons at 8:00 ET and the Nuggets take on the Lakers.  The Heat/Nets opener has been moved to November 3 on ESPN 7:30 ET.  Good luck to all (except Kobe).  Now that basketball is under way for one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory, go to  Determine who you think will dominate and who you think will fall this year.

Well, that’s about it for today’s sports update; love the responses and the comments so keep them coming.  Until then, this is Sebastian Maldonado singing off.


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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