Today’s Sports Update

Wednesday October 20, 2004

Hey sports fans, this is Sebastian Maldonado with today’s sports update.  How are you doing today? Sad, happy, both?  Well, some things happen on a daily basis, but some miracles just happen.

In the comeback heard ’round the world, the Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-3 going to the World Series since 1986.  I did not think that they would beat the boys in pinstripes.  Yet, I won’t cry or get pissed off; it’s like I tell everyone: live a Yankee fan, DIE a Yankee fan.  Therefore, my baseball season is over.  I have one question as I emerge from the Bronx Bomber rubble: Will the Red Sox win the World Series or find another Billy Buckner? In the National League, the Cards and the Astros gear up for Game 7.  What a phenomenal series!  The winner goes to Fenway (unfortunately) to start the World Series.

In football, questions will be answered.  Will Jerry Rice help the Seahawks?  Who will lead the AFC East: Jets/Pats?  Can G.B. and Dallas make a playoff run?  Are the Jags for real?  Well, I got 28 wrong for the year so far and here are some of my picks: Colts, Giants, Jets, Rams, Seattle, Denver, Philly, and Minn.  These aren’t official, but probably my picks. My game of the week is simple: Jets at Pats.  It’s where the Pats streak ENDS FOR GOOD.

Finally, the opener between the Heat and the Nets will be on ESPN.  Everyone should watch the SHAQ ATTACK and the future of the point guards: Dwyane Wade against the broken down Nets.  It will be on October 30th at 7 P.M. eastern time.  Well, this is today’s sports update.  My hat’s off to the Red Sox, and never stay down Yankee fans.  I’m not.  Good night everybody.


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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