Today’s Sports Update

Thursday November 11, 2004

Welcome to this Veteran’s Day edition of today’s sports update.  This is Sebastian Maldonado saying hello and a special salute to every man and woman that served this great country in the armed forces; I would also like to salute my grandfather, God bless his soul.  He was a WW II vet, but he died before I was born.  Rest in peace, grandpa.

In the NBA, what is Ron Artest thinking?  Last season’s defensive player said that he needed “rest” due to making his rap album.  This is why he is on the bench and why the Pacers suffered their worst loss in franchise history to the Clippers; the score was 102-68.  Yet, ESPN’s PTI (Pardon The Interruption) had this man to see what he would do with Artest:

Phil Jackson said that he would not give Artest his request without talking about the consequences.  If Artest still wanted to sit out, Jackson would take away a month’s salary from Artest (Ouch!).  Jackson also said that he would not coach the Knicks even though he won his first championship with them as a player in the late 1970s.  When asked about his new book, he said he had to tell his side of the stories and prove the rumors created by the media were false.  It seems that Phil Jackson will not come back to the NBA, for now.  Tonight is my game of the week for the NBA: the undefeated Miami Heat hosts a very different Dallas Mavericks team.  It’s on tonight at 8:00 Eastern time on TNT.

In baseball, the race for the American League Cy Young Award is over. It was unanimous. Twins P Johan Santana beat his fellow nominees in the following order: Curt Schilling, Mariano Rivera, Pedro Martinez, and teammate Joe Nathan.  I don’t think that I have to state his case to anyone on why he won the award.  He is the first Venezuelan to win the award.  In other news, the Rangers’ Buck Showalter and the Braves’ Bobby Cox were voted managers of the year, and Yankees P Mel Stottlemyre will be back for one more year.  He will retire after the 2005 MLB season.

In football, the RBs of the Steelers are fighting wounded. Duce Staley has a hamstring injury.  Jerome Bettis hurt his calf muscle.  Will both play against Cleveland?  Plus, whose season is done: Giants or Jets?  Michael Strahan and Kerry Washington are out for the year, while Chad Pennington is out for 2-4 weeks.  The Jets host Baltimore, and the Giants will play against Arizona.  What team should PANIC?  Finally, my game of the week is a division battle between Buffalo and New England.

Well, that’s it for today’s sports update but before I sign off, I would like to tell you that I am taking a break for my studies in NAU.  It’s crunch time because there are only 5 more weeks of the first semester.  I will be back for Thanksgiving and continue in December bi-weekly.  It’s been great from the responses to the credit, but I got to fight the greater good.  I am proud to say that this has gotten to 21 e-mails, all because of you.  Thank you for making this happen.  See you in 2 weeks, and this is yours truly signing off.


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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