Today’s Sports Update

Sunday October 10, 2004

What’s up sports fans? This is Sebastian Maldonado with your sports update.  Normally I would do this on Tuesday or Wednesday BUT I just had to do it today.  How about the New York Football Giants?  They are 4-1 in second place in the NFC Eastern Division, and they have a bye next week.  They beat the Cowboys 26-10 in my pick for game of the week.  Did I disappoint?  By the way, one upset; Detroit defeated Atlanta, giving Vick and the Falcons their first loss .

Place your bets people: the rivalry that started over a man with a cigar and a crown (Babe Ruth) has returned for one more time.  The Yankees will face the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday.  Didn’t I tell you that the Twins and Yankees were instant playoff classic no matter who won?  Plus, the Astros/Braves Game 5 and Cards/Dodgers Game 4 are also playoff classics, believe it or not.  It was, quote, “LIMA-TIME”; Jose Lima pitched a 5 hit shutout as the Dodgers avoided getting swept.

In basketball, should the Nets trade Jason Kidd due to his practice no-shows?  Congratulations to Lebron James and his girlfriend as they welcomed their first son on Tuesday (on my birthday).  Good luck to the Cavs this season (’cause they’re going to need it).

Well that’s it for today’s sports update.  Please send me feedback and hope you guys are doing well.  See you guys this Christmas.


Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado

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